A Life Course of Miracles and Prayer

Prayer and Healing, Supernatural Events in Ordinary Lives

A Life Course of Miracles and PrayerThroughout the years, my aunt talked to me about little stories of prayer and healing that could only be explained as miracles from God. I was able to convince her to record her thoughts so that others could learn about the amazing things that have happened during her life. The fact that God allows ordinary people to see phenomenal miracles is something that should be shared, not only in our families, but also with everyone we encounter.

Join me as I share stories of miracles: split second interventions from near fatal car crashes, gallstone pain, migraines, a heart attack, and permanent paralysis. Read the words of hope spoken at just the right time, along with visions from heaven. These are the ways God chooses to work in ordinary lives.

Cathy Rodgers


Cathy Rodgers lives on a tidal creek in Savannah, Georgia where she experiences the daily ebb and flow of life on the saltwater marsh. She enjoys writing, photography, gardening and creating websites and blogs in her company called Seven Waves Marketing.

She is passionate about her faith and helping others with their health and weight loss challenges through a blog called Cathy Chats. She refers to herself as, “Just a praying grandmother passing these miracles on to the next generation.” “One generation will praise your deeds to another…”  Psalm 145:4.

You can find Cathy at www.CathyChats.com

Will I Survive? The Purpose and Process in Life

Survive Life. God has a purpose for everything you’re facing.

Will-I-Survive-cover-picWill I survive? If you’ve lived any time at all, the question is there, consciously or subconsciously. Why is so much bad happening to me? Where is God in all the chaos? The purpose of this book is to help you survive life’s storms. With clarity, comes peace and comfort, together with the courage and strength to continue becoming who you were meant to be. This is a practical book that will meet you where you live, in everyday life, and in everyday situations.

As I worked through my own personal crisis, the Lord continued to give me insight into how He uses hardship to make me into what He would have me to be. Journey with me from the wheat field to the oven as I share my insight by drawing a parallel between the bread-making process, and the development of the Body of Christ.

Keeping the process in mind will help you see the bigger and broader picture of life in the midst of crisis. As you read, you will find yourself somewhere in these pages, somewhere in the process. The light of revelation will come and pierce the dark clouds surrounding your understanding of the purpose and process of life.

Bruce J. Bartel

Bruce J. Bartel

Bruce J. Bartel has preached the Gospel of Jesus for 39 years and functions as an international teacher, a Christian counselor and therapist, mentor, pastor, missionary and evangelist. Bruce has traveled to 37 countries, and has lived in Canada, Europe and Asia. He attended Bible Colleges in Germany and England and two colleges in Canada.

New Book: Patterns of Light, Poems by JS Hartman

I want to share a poem with you from the next OWL of Hope book (it’s at the bottom this message). The book is called Patterns of Light: Poetry by J.S. Hartman. It’s my honor to work with my dad on this book.

The book features 100 of his most loved poems and folk songs including As Angels Watched, Stop that Tot!, and Everyday is Christmas. He wrote many of the poems during his time as an Army Chaplain, though he began writing poems when he was 17 years old and is still writing poems today.

The cover of the book features a picture of one of his beautiful stained glass arrangements. The book also features several useable original stained glass patterns he designed.

Many of the poems minister to people experiencing grief. His newest poem I’m Here! is dedicated to his mother who passed away with Alzheimer’s disease in 2002.

We would like to share one of the poems with you now and we hope you enjoy it.


“Things must get better than they are!”
These words are often said.
We’re wishing for next year to come.
Next year we might be dead!

Ironic as these future dreams
We cast away today,
And then remember “Yesterdays”
And wish it were that way.

It’s nice to look for better things,
To wish upon a star,
But don’t you think some things are nice
Just the way they are?

Let’s live each day and thank God for
Whatever comes our way.
The storm clouds or the bright sunshine
Are ours for just today!

To truly live this present hour
Will give us grace to say:
“Today’s my great tomorrow
And my glorious yesterday!”

Rachael HartmanRachael Hartman is an experienced writer and author. She has worked as a full-time newspaper reporter, and as a freelance contributor to magazines. She writes high school Sunday school material for Word Aflame Press as well as lessons for Project 7 (P7) student-led Bible Clubs, and blogs for Lady by Design. She enjoys health and exercise, reading, art, and playing with her two dogs Darla and Danny. She owns Our Written Lives of Hope, an online bookstore and publishing house in which she helps others share the message of the hope of Jesus Christ and promotes holistic health. Check out her web site at www.owlofhope.com and link to her on Facebook.