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A Life Course of Miracles and Prayer

Prayer and Healing, Supernatural Events in Ordinary Lives Throughout the years, my aunt talked to me about little stories of prayer and healing that could only be explained as miracles from God. I was able to convince her to record her thoughts so that others could learn about the amazing

Will I Survive? The Purpose and Process in Life

Survive Life. God has a purpose for everything you’re facing. Will I survive? If you’ve lived any time at all, the question is there, consciously or subconsciously. Why is so much bad happening to me? Where is God in all the chaos? The purpose of this book is to help

New Book: Patterns of Light, Poems by JS Hartman

I want to share a poem with you from the next OWL of Hope book (it’s at the bottom this message). The book is called Patterns of Light: Poetry by J.S. Hartman. It’s my honor to work with my dad on this book. The book features 100 of his most loved poems and