DIY Business Taxes Part 4a: Author Media Webinar

I submitted my taxes via e-file on Turbo Tax this morning, after which I found an email inviting me to join a webinar hosted by Author Media called: 7 Tax Saving Tips the IRS Doesn’t Want Authors to Know About. I paid $15 to join the webinar to increase my tax saving knowledge in preparation for next year’s taxes. Now is a great time to start implementing money saving tips and keeping my records for 2014 in order.

I’ll be attending the webinar on Monday, February 19 and will blog about it later. Check back for Part 4b of my DIY Business Taxes blog series.

Education is essential to success, and with the world at our fingertips there is no excuse for lacking knowledge of best business practices. I encourage you to join webinars, read blogs and dig deep to find the right questions to ask the experts.

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