Manuscript Submission & Consultation

Manuscript Submission & Consultation

1. Email to set up an initial phone conversation

2. Submit your full manuscript in Word format to

3. After our initial conversation and your manuscript submission, it’s time to begin the official consultation. Our consultation fee is $100 and includes the following:

  • Feedback on your manuscript
  • Recommendations for editing, sample edits & an editing estimate
  • A 30-minute+ phone, Skype or Facetime meeting to discuss publication options
  • Note: If your book is not a good fit for OWL, you will not be charged the $100 fee or receive the above consultation.

Accepted manuscripts will compliment conservative Christian values regardless of if the content is directly presented as religious, faith-based, or not, and will align with our Statement of Faith and Values. Our Written Lives is not affiliated with a particular denomination but identifies as an independent Spirit-Filled Christian. The decision to accept a manuscript is based on the publisher’s discretion. We work on a limited number of books each year. At this time, we are only working with U.S. Citizens or with companies that have a U.S. EIN.

Publishing Package Price Scale:

Under 20K words: $1,000 (under 50 print book pages)
20K to 40K words: $1,500 (100-200 print book pages)

40K to 60K words: $2,000 (201-300 print book pages)
60K to 80K words: $3,000 (201-400 print book pages)
81K to 100K words: $4,000 (401-500 print book pages)

*Ask for a quote for full-color books
**Price depends on the number of print book pages, not word count. 

Publishing Package Includes:

• One-on-one consulting and collaboration
• Layout and design of the book
• Cover Design from Stock Image (original cover art available for a fee)
• Library of Congress catalog number
• Barcode
• Listing in full distribution (Barnes and Noble,, etc.)
• Listing on OWL Blog, Website, and Newsletter
• The first 50 books mailed directly to you (U.S. only)
• Future book order cost of printing + shipping + $2/book
• One year+ contract, the author retains rights, no minimum book order requirements

  • Copyright filing is an optional service, which requires an additional $150. Filing with the copyright office can take up to 8 months or longer. The filing fee is $55 as well as submitting two print copies of your book. It is not mandatory to submit a copyright registration. I am happy to discuss this option and weigh out the benefits of copyright filing with you during the consultation process.
  • Kindle E-book edition is an additional fee based on the length of your book, starting at $150