The Gift: My Journey of Singlehood



Have you ever thought of singleness as a gift? Many people see their time being single as a phase they want to leave as quickly as possible, but God has a purpose for every season.

You are not single because there is something wrong with you. You are just fine as you are. You are not too tall. You are not too short. You are not too thin. You are not too thick. Your hair is not too straight. Your hair is not too bushy. You are not too dark. You are not too light. Carmel and Chocolate both have a sweet taste!

There is nothing wrong with being single. I cannot change your marital status whether you are single, separated, divorced, or widowed, but I can add value to your thought process. I can speak a word into your life about your worth. I can encourage you to change your thoughts, so you can elevate to success.

When the King gives you a gift, treasure it. Your gift of singleness can evolve you to a place where you will be able to reach your relational dreams. Your gift of singleness can develop you into a place where you can receive your promise. Most of all, your gift of singleness can advance you toward an eternal relationship with the Lord. God knows what you need. Trust Him!

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