Livin’ in the Mortuary


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Upon the death of her estranged father, Azalea comes home to Georgia to comfort her mother. Still battling bitterness and resentment toward her father, she has high hopes for a financial windfall.

When her father’s will requires her to move into her birth home before accessing her inheritance, she finds herself on the road to Macon to face childhood memories and the house she said she’d never return to.

Reunited with her best friend from high school, Azalea decides to enjoy life despite her circumstances. The two women enjoy a night at the club with radio personality DC, meet handsome strangers, and begin the search for a safety deposit box of cash.

In the meantime, Azalea begins to forgive her father, while quirky neighbors enter the scene, and local cops are on the trail of a gang of thieves.

A comedy with moral values, Livin’ in the Mortuary brings together a cast of vivid characters you will want to revisit time and again!

About the Author: Derrick “DC” Chatman
After over 25 years as a radio personality, DC Chatman is happy to release his first creative fiction work, Livin’ in the Mortuary.
He currently lives in Savannah, Georgia and is the owner of DC Productions Entertainment and Southern Mecca Records.

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