Healing Letters: A 140-Day Journey to Healthy Living



My name is Angelena Cortello but everyone calls me “Angel.” I had a dream where I was carrying my heavy heart in my hands and the weight of it was hindering my daily life. The people closest to me were standing in a semi-circle in front of me. I asked if they could hold my heart awhile to give me a break from carrying it since it was so heavy. They agreed to and I gave it to them. They did their best to hold it with the healing hands God gave them. But their helping healing hands could only do so much. Eventually, they shook their heads back and forth and handed it back to me saying, ” we are sorry but it is too heavy and we do not know what to do with this.” I prayed for the meaning of this and I felt the Lord speak to my heart. They can only hold it for so long to where they are unsure what to do with it because they were not meant to know everything about how to handle your heart; only I know what to do with your heart because I am the one who created it.

During my journey, I have faced challenges of addiction, emotional issues, and HIV to where I have desired the healing of the areas of my heart that hinder me from living an abundant life. As I continuously give my heart to God, one piece at a time until I could    finally trust Him with all of my heart, I am gaining healing in many areas of my life from “The Healer.”

In this book, I share the healing I have learned through much trial and error. Because I am human, I have to remind myself all of the time to refocus when I get off kilter in some of the areas I discuss. I believe that as long as we are connected to God, who is our Ultimate Healer, practice being as healthy as we can be, and have healthy relationships then we can live through any health condition, or issue we are challenged with, in a victorious manner.

Hence, this 140 Day Journey of Healing Letters to God, I share my heart for Him and the healing ways He has placed in my heart in hopes that it will bring healing to those who seek it.

Happy Reading,

About the Author: Angel Cortello is the author of two books, Healing Letters and Angel: The True Story of an Undeserved Chance. She lives in Central Louisiana and is available to speak to large and small groups. www.AngelCortello.com

“Of all the women who have inspired me in my walk with God, Angel has been a huge influence. We had similar struggles, but found a common solution: Jesus!” -Cathy Holland, 12-Step Recovery Friend

“I’ve known Angel since she was just 10 years old. Whenever she speaks, I’m ready to listen. The love, wisdom, and passion from her amazing life story intrigues and engulfs me. Now, with “Healing Letters,” I get to take a 140-Day Journey with her. Thank you, Angel. I am packed up and ready to go.”
-Sister Mickey Mangun, Friend and Minister’s Wife

“Angel has truly taken the steps to recover. She has been touched by the most divine Higher Power anyone can have. She is an inspiration to all who know her. Her life-changing experience has motivated many others for this new way of life. I am honored to call her my “sister in Christ” and my friend.
-Catherine Mills, Friend, and CAC, Certified Addiction Counselor

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