Healing Evangelism: The Medical Model



The need for compassionate soul winning continues to grow. Our society’s massive departure from Judeo-Christian foundations makes the concepts advanced in Healing Evangelism more relevant today than when the book was first printed. It is our hope that each reader will become a more effective witness for Christ through using the concepts explained in the newly revised Healing Evangelism.

Back in print, Healing Evangelism: The Medical Model was revised with help from medical professionals, Dr. Jerry Smucker, M. D., Dr. Carl Johnson, PhD. M. D., and Donald Thornton, M.A. Their invaluable insight has greatly enhanced the value of the information contained in the book. Other changes are the smaller size, a cleaner format, and the use of the New King James Version of the Bible to make it more readable to today’s soul winner.

About the Author: Raised in the Midwest, J. Mark Jordan now lives in Sylvania, Ohio with his wife, Sandy. They have three grown children and a granddaughter. Mark fell in love with southeastern Ohio many years ago and situated his first novel, Morgan County Morning, in the hills of Morgan County along the banks of the historic Muskingum River.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Relations from the University of Toledo, and has spent his career as a pastor, organizational official and author. He stays busy writing books and articles, speaking at various engagements, and serving as the Ohio District Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International. Mark has over ten published books including Living and Leading and The View from the Back of the Pulpit.

When he has time, he enjoys playing golf. You can read more of his work online at jonathanjordan.squarespace.com

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