According to the Scriptures



According to the Scriptures is a compilation of 54 sermon outlines from Bishop Arless Glass. In this book, you will find truths illuminated from the Word of God, hope, and encouragement from the love of God and the changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Just as all scripture points to the coming of Christ and his atonement at Calvary, Bishop Glass masterfully weaves the Acts 2:38 salvation message into each of the 54 outlines.


What others are saying about this book:

“When you find a treasure, you have found the better part of life. This book, authored by Bishop Glass, is a compilation of just a few sermons he has developed through many years of ministry.”

–Pastor Rick Flowers, Dallas, TX


“This particular book of Scriptural messages is but a taste of his life’s work that illuminates the ideas and ideals that have helped create a truly unique church in the annuals of inspired and anointed preaching.”

–Pastor Daniel Batchelor, Dupo, IL


“The book you hold in your hand is a sample of sermons that will illustrate the principle and power of effective preaching and teaching. Bishop Glass gives us all a treasure trove of sermons that will both inspire and challenge.”

–Pastor Jason Sciscoe, Pasadena, TX

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