Lead and Link Conference in Savannah, GA

For the past year, I’ve been involved with a woman’s group in Savannah, Georgia called Lead’N’Link.This weekend was the Second Annual Lead and Link Women’s Conference hosted at at Calvary Baptist Temple. Each month we meet for about two hours. It’s a great time to learn about what other Christian women in the community are doing. The conference was a great time of hearing inspiring women speak truths from God’s Word.

I had a great time! Here’s a picture of my vendor table. I’m looking forward to working with the new authors I met this weekend! They have wonderful messages they are sharing with the world!


And my new business cards that came in on Friday . . .


Writing a Business Plan

Every month or so I meet with a small business mentor who helps me focus on the next steps in growing my business. During our first meeting he encouraged me to write a business plan. I started and then stopped for quite a while… I’m meeting with my mentor again this Thursday, so I decided it was time to continue working on my business plan. It’s not finished, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

Business plan management diagram

Executive Summary

Our Written Lives provides publishing services for independent authors. Working with OWL saves authors the time and money required to set up their own publishing business if they want to break into mainstream production and sales without waiting to be picked up by a large publishing company, which could take months or years. The OWL collection includes fiction and non-fiction books for adults and children. Each book has an element of Christian inspiration or teachable values.

Business Description

  • OWL business will grow as the title collection expands and independent authors around the country promote their books. As authors make local business contacts and sell books at bookstores, sales numbers increase proving books are sellable. These numbers assist in promoting each book to major bookstore chains, retail shows, and special non-returnable sales to organizations.

Business goals

  • Join the Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA), which will represent books at the International Christian Retail Show.
  • List particular books with Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS), which will promote the book for large quantity non-returnable sales to various buyers in the non-retail market (organizations, etc.)
  • Work to have 200 active published books
  • Work only at OWL

Business Activities, Services & Products

  1. Networking:
  • Social Media, LinkedIn, etc. send emails to new contacts
  • Talk to librarians, bookstore managers, etc.
  • Join business lunches and other networking groups
  • Leads local Christian writers’ group
  • Makes several new contacts monthly, signs people up for newsletters
  • Public speaking at schools, community events
  1. Marketing:
  • Social Media: Newsletters, Bog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, website
  • Press Releases for each author, adjustable for each event (book signings, speaking engagements, etc.)
  • Ads: email blasts through larger publishing houses & distribution systems ($50-$60)
  • Promotions for resale opportunities through larger companies
  1. Consulting:
  • $50 for a one hour constructive feedback meeting
  • $30/hour social media training
  • $50/hour writing coach (currently working on Life Coach certification)
  1. Freelance Editing & APA:
  • Secures freelance editing jobs from authors, gives free estimate
  • Provides editing and APA formatting primarily for international doctoral students
  • High School – $10 for the first page, $1 for each additional page
  • Undergraduates –$15 for the first page, $1.50 for each additional page
  • Master’s Level –$20 for the first page, $2 for each additional page
  • Doctoral Level – $30 for the first page, $3 for each additional page
  • o   Undergraduate APA – $20 an hour with a minimum of one hour per project
  • o   Master’s APA – $25 an hour with a minimum of one hour per project
  • o   Doctoral APA – $30 an hour with a minimum of one hour per project
  1. Freelance Writing:
  • Elanc.com, Link247, P7 Bible Clubs, Ghostwriting, Resume Updates, guest blogs
  1. Publishing Services: $600*

*Based on 200 pages or less, for black and white paperback books with color covers. Prices vary for full-color or hardback books. Does not include manuscript editing. Free quote and consultation with accepted manuscript submissions.

  • One-on-one consulting and collaboration
  • Layout and design of book
  • Original cover art
  • ISBN
  • Library of Congress catalogue number
  • Barcode
  • Listing in Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Amazon.com
  • E-book edition (Kindle)
  • Book and author listing on the OWL website and blog
  • Inclusion in OWL overall book marketing plan
    • Includes information and discounts on ads and promotions available through associations OWL is a member of
    • Includes promotion of book to various business contacts and stores
    • Blog posts, reader reviews, Facebook event promotions
  • The first 50 books mailed directly to author
  • A discount on all future book orders (printing + shipping + $2/book)
  • Public Relations assistance as needed, including press releases, flyers, and assistance in setting up book signings and other events and yearly marketing meeting
  1. Available Products
  • Books available for resale at a 40-55% discount from the listed sale price:
    • Angel: The True Story of an Undeserved Chance, $15
    • The Tiniest Tree ~ El Arbolito, $25
    • Pot Belly Pies, $11
    • Lovable Lappy: The Fish with the Golden Coin!, $23
  • Pending Publication:
    • Patterns of Light (poetry)
    • My Time in Atlanta (poetry)
    • Plastic Reality (educational, self-help)

Market and Competition

OWL has two markets: independent authors and retail businesses. OWL sells services to     independent authors and products for resale to businesses. Business partners include bookstores, churches, counseling centers, non-profit social and human services organizations, coffee shops, gift shops, etc.

What makes OWL unique from other publishers?

  • Open to Christian topics secular businesses may not be willing to promote
  • One-on-one with the writer, more personal collaboration
  • Affordable and cost effective way to access the benefits of mainstream publishing without the hassle of setting up a whole new business for authors who have a business, congregation, or a venue to sell their book
  • Author maintains more control over the product and has unlimited potential
  • Print on demand doesn’t require warehouses or purchases of large quantities up front
  • Independent, small press publisher, a hybrid between a traditional and self-publishing company.

Plastic Reality, by Rachael Hartman (Video 1)

I’m talking about my new book Plastic Reality: Processing Cosmetic Surgery – which will be coming out later this year. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony (Rev. 11).

Rachael Hartman is a Christian author and publisher. She has worked as a full-time newspaper reporter, and as a freelance contributor to magazines. She writes high school Sunday school material for Word Aflame Press creating lessons for Project 7 (P7) student-led Bible Clubs, and Link247. She enjoys health and exercise, reading, art, and playing with her two dogs Darla and Danny. She owns Our Written Lives of Hope bookstore & publishing services. Check out her web site at http://www.owlofhope.com and link to her on Facebook.

Angel Cortello press release, book signing for “Angel: The True Story of an Undeserved Chance”


Alexandria, LA—Last year her book published, and this year she’s taking her message of hope on the road.

Earlier this year, Angel Cortello had speaking engagements in San Marcos, TX and Miami, FL. She’ll be speaking in Austin, TX in soon and in August, she heads to Providence, Rhode Island as a guest speaker at another conference.

This Saturday, Cortello will be at Hastings bookstore in Alexandria, LA on Saturday, June 28 from 3 to 7 p.m. to meet readers and talk about her book, which will be available at the store.
She will be appearing on Jambalaya on KALB-TV, Wednesday, June 26, to invite the public to her book signing.

Her book goes to places she can’t reach. One man, a prisoner in Oklahoma serving 20 years, read her book and wrote, “I’ve read it twice. The first time in 8 hours. Words can not express how much it ministered to my heart, and encouraged me to take the things in my life, and allow God to use them for His glory… Also, I have about 20 of my friends in line to read it, and God is already moving through your book.”AngelCover

In her book, Angel: The True Story of an Undeserved Chance, she shares her story of being lost in a world of emotional problems, addiction, prostitution and the street life. This is the true story of how she chose recovery and freedom, even in the midst of consequences such as HIV.

She is currently writing a devotional of daily prayer and inspiration for people living with chronic illness.

The book, Angel: The True Story of an Undeserved Chance is available through all major bookstores. It was published by Our Written Lives of Hope, LLC in 2012.



Rachael HartmanRachael Hartman is a Christian author and publisher. She has worked as a full-time newspaper reporter, and as a freelance contributor to magazines. She writes high school Sunday school material for Word Aflame Press creating lessons for Project 7 (P7) student-led Bible Clubs, and Link247. She enjoys health and exercise, reading, art, and playing with her two dogs Darla and Danny. She owns Our Written Lives of Hope bookstore & publishing services. Check out her web site at www.owlofhope.com and link to her on Facebook.