GiveForward Estrada Barrera Family Cancer Support

The Estrada women have always been strong and independent. But right now, they are in great need of our support. Please join me and support Mary and Beth Estrada and Miranda Barrera.


GiveForward Cancer Support Estrada Barrera Family

Please join me in supporting Miranda Barrera, and Mary and Beth Estrada.

Mary Estrada spent her life as a single mom raising her two daughters Elizabeth (Beth) and Miranda. The girls grew up and the family of three stayed close. All they had was each other. They live in the Fayetteville, NC area.

Life was going along and Miranda married a man named Ruben; they had two children. Beth remained single and worked at a childcare center as well as helping care for their mother, Mary.

In 2010, Miranda’s son, Keegan Barrera, was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer at age 2 and a half. He started treatments and is now in remission. He continues with check-ups for five years until he can be declared cancer free.

In 2013, Elizabeth Estrada (Miranda’s sister) was diagnosed with Stage Four Ovarian Cancer at age 32. She immediately had surgeries to remove tumors and had a complete hysterectomy. She is currently in on-going chemo treatments.

In 2014, Mary Estrada (Miranda’s mother) was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 66. She has been moved to in-home hospice care.

Miranda has taken a leave of absence without pay in order to care for her mom and sister.

The Estrada women have always been strong. They’ve always cared for each other and for the people around them. But right now, they need our support. They need our strength. There’s only so much each person can take, and this family is at that place of need.

Join me in supporting them financially, emotionally and spiritually as this family fights for life and caregives in the face of cancer. Let’s raise enough to make a difference.