What will you write in 2015?

writers-group1Many people tell me they want to write a book. They have great ideas and creativity and are excited about completing their book. The problem is they don’t know how to start, stick with it, or stay motivated. It’s a common problem, but it doesn’t have to be your problem.

Being a part of a community of creative thinkers makes all the difference in my life. When I lived in Texas, I was a part of a writing group that met weekly. I didn’t go to every meeting. I only went about once a month, but those meetings inspired me. They still inspire me. I think of the people I met with and the work they did, our talks and our goals. Their support inspired me to take writing to the next level.

When I wrote my first book, Angel: The True Story of an Undeserved Chance, I had a community of support. Angel herself was of course the number one support. We met weekly for interviews and I knew she was counting on me to send her what I wrote each week. And I did.

When I moved to Georgia one of my main concerns was finding a creative community to be a part of, one which shared my values. I checked out a couple of local groups, but nothing drew me. The Lord led me to start a monthly group, which has proved encouraging and has helped me keep going in my writing pursuits.

If you’re in the local area, please check out the Southeast Georgia Christian Writers Group and join us! If you’re not in the area, find a group local to where you live, or start one. If you start talking about your writing goals and dreams, I promise you will find many others around you who share your desires. When you encourage one another, you WILL reach your goals!

If I can help you reach your writing, editing or publishing goals, please feel free to contact me and visit the Our Written Lives website for information.

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