The Game of Life

I’m the batter up and Dad’s on third base. I can hit it hard and send the ball flying, but what if I miss? Is it worth me making it to first base if Dad get’s put out of the game? If he get’s put out that’s the end of the game and our team doesn’t make the score.

I’ll bunt. I’ll bunt and let Dad run home. I won’t make a homerun, but we’ll win the game once his feet hit home plate. It’s a team effort. If we are going to win the game, I have to consider Dad.

In our fast paced world, we often don’t have time to wait on Dad or Prince Charming to step up to the plate. We are on an accomplishment roll and we don’t want to wait for a man to pay attention or catch up. If we wait for him, he may never come, and our deepest fear of being forgotten may become reality. We can’t give him the chance to forget us—it’s too painful—so we go on with our lives and don’t include the man waiting on the sidelines.

What we too often forget is that family is teamwork. Dad can’t be a dad unless I let him be. If I refuse to listen, what’s the point in him saying anything? If I don’t give him a chance to love me, then why should he try?

We need men to actively participate in our lives—as fathers, brothers, friends, and lovers. And they need us too. Men need to have a voice in our lives, to have an opinion, to matter, to provide, to protect us. Men need to have a purpose in our lives.

It’s our job to give them place to be the man God has called them to be. We have to make room for the man in our lives. We have to validate his role in our life, or he will drop out of the game.

This Father’s Day, consider your Dad, your husband and your brother. What better gift can you give to the men in your life than to allow them to be men? Respected, honored and purposed… Strong or weak, rich or poor, sensitive or not… Is there a place for him on your team?

Happy Father’s Day.

Rachael Hartman

Rachael Hartman is a Christian author and publisher. She has worked as a full-time newspaper reporter, and as a freelance contributor to magazines. She writes high school Sunday school material for Word Aflame Press creating lessons for Project 7 (P7) student-led Bible Clubs, and Link247. She enjoys health and exercise, reading, art, and playing with her two dogs Darla and Danny. She owns Our Written Lives of Hope bookstore & publishing services. Check out her web site at and link to her on Facebook.


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