Loveable Lappy: The Fish with the Golden Coin… Now available on Kindle!

Loveable Lappy: The Fish with the Golden Coin!Your kids will love this imaginative story about Lappy, based on Matthew 17: 24-27. Written by Howard Pastorella and Illustrated by Cynthia Croce Smith.

Limited Time Sale on Kindle: $2.99
Soon available in hardback at a store near you!

It Always Pays to Give.

Lappy’s coin treasure was his heart’s delight. He displayed the coin in his room for all of his friends to see. He took the coin to school for Show and Tell.

Around that same time on the shore near Capernaum, Jesus told Peter, “Go to the sea and catch the first fish that comes up, open his mouth and you’ll find money inside to pay our taxes.” (Matthew 17:27)

Lappy cheerfully volunteered to give Jesus his coin and be a part of the miracle. Find out what happened in this delightful story, Loveable Lappy: The Fish with the Golden Coin!


  1. What is the target age group for this book/reading level?

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