The East Texas Christian Writer’s Conference

My friend Jennifer and I decided to meet up for the East Texas Christian Writer’s Conference in Marshall, Texas at the East Texas Baptist University.

I’ve wanted to go to a Writer’s Conference for quite some time, but haven’t due to funding. This conference was only $90, which is a great price!

I had a wonderful time. I went to break-out sessions on Writing Devotionals, Finding the Denominational Market, Marketing Your Book, Writing Your Testimony, Writing Fiction, and Becoming an Entrepreneur.

It was wonderful to be with like-minded people who were excited about writing. I met several people who were very encouraging and just a joy to be around.

One of the speakers was Don Piper, author of 90 Minutes in Heaven. His story touched my heart so very much. I was honored to meet him afterward, and I asked him to pray with me and he did. He prayed that God would make it very clear to me what I should do, and to give me wisdom. His ministry was a blessing.

One of the other speakers was Don Burton. He is also a singer. He was very encouraging to those of us who wanted to be entrepreneurs, very much an inspiration in both word and music.

If you’re anywhere near Texas and you’re looking for a conference to attend, I recommend the East Texas Christian Writer’s Conference. Let me know if you’re going next year, and I’ll make sure we have time to chat!

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