A visit with Sandra Burnett, the artist

I’m working on my second book project, The Tiniest Tree. It’s my first children’s book to publish and the first time I’ve worked with an outside writer and illustrator.

Sandra Burnett is the artist. She painted 19 full pictures for The Tiniest Tree using watercolor and some chalk. The pictures turned out beautifully. She has worked on this for the past few months. We’ve been talking and texting every weekend about the details.

I went to Houston this past weekend to pick-up the art. While I was there, she put the finishing touches on each painting and created a couple of more scenes we needed. It was amazing to watch her work. All I had to do was say what I was looking for and she was able to produce it. The woman is an amazing artist and I’m so thankful she decided to work with me on The Tiniest Tree.

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