A trip to the park

 I recently went to visit my Granny in Harker Heights, Texas. I used to live in Harker Heights. In fact, it was the place I first lived after moving out of my parents’ house. I had an apartment in a four-plex on the edge of a nice neighborhood. I enjoyed walking my dogs through the hills of that neighborhood, as well as at the local Carl Levin Park.

It’s been almost two years since I lived in Harker Heights, and my dogs and I were happy to take a trek to our old walking grounds. There were quite a few additions to the park since we were there last, namely a community garden and these two cute boxes called the “Little Free Library.”

I was so impressed with the Little Free Library. I loved the concept of trading books at the park. I decided to leave a copy of “Angel” there. Maybe one day I will hear back from the person who picks up the book! The book I took in exchange was a book about parenting during deployment, a topic near and dear to my heart.

Harker Heights is located just outside of Fort Hood, Texas. Ironically, that area was not only the first place I lived as an adult on my own, it was also the first place I moved to with my family as a six-month old, after my birth in Houston, Texas. Fort Hood was Dad’s first duty station as an Army Chaplain.

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