The first order of “Angel” books

I was so excited to receive the first order of 200 “Angel” books! It was quite an experience getting the books…. We almost didn’t have them in time. What a disaster that would have been! But thankfully, it worked out. Five minutes later and we would have been without books.    It was my first time to order books in bulk. I had received the sample copy within a matter of a week, so I thought ordering in bulk would be the same process. WRONG.
They needed three weeks to process the order, and I needed the books in less than a week. I had it in my head that I could get the books on a 48 hour turn around.   I sat outside eating my lunch at work, trying to find a way to make my order of books appear. I called a printer that was an hour away. They weren’t sure they could handle the job. They had to discuss it.
I remembered seeing and ad for DIGGY POD online. I looked them up. Yes! They had the 48 hour turn-around! I called them.   “Yes, we can do it for you!” The lady on the phone was very helpful. “But we need you to turn in your order before 2 p.m.” With 5 minutes to spare, I placed the order and the books arrived in time to sell them at the POA’s Freedom Weekend, and at the Louisiana Campgrounds during Family Week 2013.
No more waiting until the last minute ever again! I wouldn’t have been so late, but I had an unwanted adventure the week before… that’s another story…

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